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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fun with Snot

Cold and Flu Season is upon us: With this season, so too comes the snot.
Mucus, aka snot, is our messy friend. It is a natural bodily excretion whose primary purpose is to keep us healthy. It lines our nasal passages to catch germs, dust and other tiny debris. But if you catch a cold, your body kicks into high gear and we are faced with high levels of mucus production. Here's a nice article we ran across on the Internet that addresses the question of "How does my nose produce so much snot so fast when I have a cold?"

Having sinuses filled with snot can be quite annoying. But one man's misery is another man's humor source. A well shot snot rocket, while a little gross, can be secretly impressive if executed properly in front of the appropriate audience. It can also be a source of embarrassment if the snot rocket was accidentally fired ... as we see here from a video clip from eBaum's World ... Newscaster's Accidental Snot Rocket.

Here's a little longer video clip of a "talented" boy with a nose full of snot, a video camera, and a warped sense of humor ... enjoy (don't view during a meal) ... this is a piece we like to call Snot Boy's Yo-Yo.

Getting Your Own Fake Snot:

This time of year, when temperatures are dropping and sinuses are filling with mucus, is the perfect time to play booger jokes on your friends and family. Here are three ways you can stage a fake snot rocket attack:

1. Take a jar of rubber cement. Apply some to surface and allow to dry. Once dry, roll it lengthwise to create your own, homemade snot string. Insert one end into your nostril and press it to the inside of the nostril. Allow the length of homemade snot string to dangle below your nose.

2. We've been getting a lot of pre-approved credit cards in the mail. You most likely are as well. Many of these unsolicited credit card mailings come with a cheap, fake plastic credit card attached to the cover letter (we suppose they want you to visualize owning and using their credit card). These pieces are usually affixed with an adhesive strip similar to the rubber cement rolls mentioned above. We've found this material to be quite good in creating a fake snot string. Simply remove the material from the paper and plastic card. Position the snot string in your nostril as indicated above.

3. For those of you who are less crafty, or who want a little more professional appearance to your snot pranks, here is a commercial product you can use to create your desired effect. Fake Snot has another nice feature in that on the nostril end there are little wings that hold the snot string into place. Just pinch the wings together and release inside your nostril. The expanded wings will hold the snot string into place. Wonderful for any wild gyrations you may want to make while pretending to have an accidental snot rocket situation.

Well, there you have it folks ... and that concludes our Sunday morning feature presentation, "Fun with Snot." Enjoy!
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