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Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's Open Season on Cockroaches

Cockroaches. La Cucaracha. Blattella. A roach by any other name would still smell of feet. They are creepy when they crawly. People scream when they see them in the dark corners of the room. Big yucky bugs. The legend of the cockroach.

Imagine, if you will, groggily reaching for your morning's box of cereal. What to your wondering eyes should appear, but handful of dark roaches falling toward you. It's such a startling shock, your body won't need that hot, fresh cup of coffee.

Imagine, if you will, turning the corner in your hallway and being halted in your tracks by the site of fifty cockroaches sitting tight in a wiggly line as if they simultaneously rested during a cockroach Welcome Home parade. You might just run the other way.

Imagine, if you will, pulling open your desk drawer at work but your business cards aren't there. Or at least they don't look like they're there. Instead of business supplies, your eyes fixate upon a heap of 144 dark cockroaches (that's a gross, by the way).

Practice your best practical jokes by pulling hilarious pranks on your so-called funny friends. Have fun while practicing your gags on your family. Treat every day like April Fool's Day!
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pig Noses Good - Other Noses Unavailable

Strap on Pig Noses are all the rage! We have them by the thousands. Our customers select our quality pig noses individually for costumes or jokes, in batches of three for a Three Little Pigs performances, or by the thousands (like the, the National Geographic Society, 92.5 FM the Hog, and the Washington Redskins) as promotional items. We have a LOT of fun with our plastic pig noses.

That's the good news - we have plenty of pig noses in stock and ready to ship. Now here is the bad news ...

We no longer carry other animal noses. We hope this is temporary, however we do not know at this time when we can expect to carry other animal noses, like the shark nose, wolf nose, rabbit nose, elephant nose, donkey nose, cat nose, etc. We have been told that the company that makes these (a different company than makes our pig noses, thank goodness) has been sold and the new company has not resumed production of these fine items. We are eagerly searching for a new source for these other novelty animal noses.

In the meantime, if you are in the market for a good quality animal nose, jump on the band wagon and grab yourself some pig noses by the dozen! All the best!

QualityBargainz, LLC

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Special Christmas For A Child

Here is a fun thing you can do for your child this Christmas Season. Send them a letter from Santa Claus! Simply cut and plaste this letter into your word processor, enter in your child's name where indicated, play around with the font and colors if you care to, then print it out. For the cost of a postage stamp, your child can experience the magic of getting a letter with their own name on it from the big man of Christmas, Santa.

Dear ----child's name------:

It’s getting very near Christmas and my Elves are busy getting presents ready for the good boys and girls everywhere.

Soon we will be loading up the sleigh and making a special trip to visit you and your family.

Mrs. Clause and I wanted to let you know that we are very proud of you, -----child's name-----, that you have been on your best behavior all year.

I’ve got several more letters to write tonight and Rudolph still needs to be fed so I am going to wrap up this letter.

Keep up the good behavior and I will see you soon!

Santa Claus

QualityBargainz, LLC

Friday, November 17, 2006

QualityBargainz announces phone support for novelty orders

That's right, we now have toll free phone support for placing your QualityBargainz jokes, pranks, gags and novelty orders. Need a special deal on bulk pricing? Have a quick question before you place your order? Please feel free to give us a call. Our new toll free number can be found on our main web site at
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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Time to get the firewood ready

Safety First, Gentlemen
With the cost of natural gas spiking this winter, people are turning to alternative fuel sources. Safety should always be the most important consideration. Don't make the same mistake this guy made.

QualityBargainz, LLC

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Great Icebreaker at Parties!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with our friends and family this year, and hope you did, too! One of the guests brought a fun little game that was a big hit at this year's holiday gathering. We like to call it the "Who Am I?" game. It is easy to play and cheap to make ... what could be better?

How to play:

Each person is assigned the name of a famous person. This famous person could be alive or dead, real or fictional. The famous person's name is affixed to each player’s back so everyone else can see who they are, but they can't see it themselves.

The object of the game is to ask other people "yes or no" questions about themselves in order to determine which famous person they are. Don't tell them who their famous person is, nor give them any extra clues. Simply answer their "yes or no" questions and allow them to put their deductive reasoning skills to work.

Some sample questions might include: (a) Am I still alive?, (b) Am I female?, (c) Am I an actor?, (d) Am I Hispanic?, (e) Did I ever invent anything?, (f) Do I have blonde hair?

Some sample famous people might include: (a) Barbara Walters, (b) Johnny Cash, (c) Martha Stewart, (d) Dr. Suez, (e) Santa Claus, (f) George Washington.

What you will need to play:

Our friend went above and beyond this year and printed off famous people's names on Avery labels. It was quick, easy and self-sticking. Peel off a name, slap it on someone's back and repeat until everyone has a famous name on their back.

No time to plan? Don't want to spend the money on printed labels? No problem. Just write out famous people's names on regular scrap paper and tape them to your guests' backs.

The most important "needed item" of the game is a group of friends and family to play with. This game is quick, easy, fun and a great icebreaker at medium to large gatherings.

Our friend even brought scratch-off lottery tickets to give away as prizes when the guests guessed who their famous person was. Prizes are fun but completely optional.
QualityBargainz, LLC

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Serious Meat Fans

I love my meat.

How simple can it get? I mean, if you love meat ... just come right out and say so. No need to be beating around the bush. It takes a big man to be comfortable in these nickers. When I saw these the first time, I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. The t-shirts and stickers were funny, too, but this article took the cake ... if you know what I mean. And if you don't, fear not ... I don't really know what I mean either. If you have found funnier shorts, please link them from the comment section. But I think this one will be the funniest one you'll find. Go meat! Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat! Feel free to join the chant anytime you want! Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat!


QualityBargainz, LLC

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Anti-Vegetarian Society of Meat Eaters

Burgers vs. Beans Battle Rages On

The battalion of burger boys have taken a beautiful shot at the bazillion bean bands with the biting humor of AVSME. Are those enough b's for you?

Witty and cutting, this collection of pro-carnivore attire is a mug full of laughter. Some of the meat eating friendly sayings are tried and true, but they also managed to slip in a quite a few original ones that surely should become classics on their own.

Is your shirt drawer full? No problem. Carnivores have humorous options for other items like tile coasters, clocks, stickers, buttons, magnets and other useful items. The novelty of pro-carnivore mottos is priceless.

Here's the link -----------> Anti-Vegetarian Society of Meat Eaters (AVSME)


QualityBargainz, LLC

Sunday, July 02, 2006

QB Merchandise

QB for you and me !!

Due to popular demand, we have just released our new line of QualityBargainz merchandise. Each piece will have our signature black and green color theme and sport the sporty Q and the fabulous B.

What QB finds can be had? How about the stupendous stein featured in this article? You betcha. Mugs, hats, books, coasters, clothing, aprons, clocks, teddy bears, buttons, magnets and even throw pillows. There's even a piece for your best friend. After all it's ... QB for you and me!

Click here for ------> QB Merchandise

Monday, May 29, 2006

Video: The Farting Pig

First there was The Farting Preacher .... Now there is the Belgian Farting Pig!

Or was it the other way around? We may have a whole chicken and egg thing going on here. Regardless, they are both funny. This one is a little cuter than the Farting Preacher, IMHO, but nonetheless ... funny.

And you know how much we love pig related novelties! QualityBargainz, LLC is one of the largest distributors of novelty pig noses on the internet. We've sold tens of thousands of our quality pig noses to hundreds of customers across the United States. People love our novelty pig noses so much that they inspired us to create our first product based Fan Page ... The Quality Bargainz Pig Nose Fan Page. Come visit sometime ... It's a blast.

And speaking about pigs and blasts ... here is our featured video of the day!
(Click on the pig video thumbnail picture below to start video download. Allow sufficient time for download. Depending on your connection speed, it may be viewed best by allowing the video to download completely and then click the play button again to watch the farting pig video all the way through.)

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