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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The "Who Am I?" Game

A Great Icebreaker at Parties!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with our friends and family this year, and hope you did, too! One of the guests brought a fun little game that was a big hit at this year's holiday gathering. We like to call it the "Who Am I?" game. It is easy to play and cheap to make ... what could be better?

How to play:

Each person is assigned the name of a famous person. This famous person could be alive or dead, real or fictional. The famous person's name is affixed to each player’s back so everyone else can see who they are, but they can't see it themselves.

The object of the game is to ask other people "yes or no" questions about themselves in order to determine which famous person they are. Don't tell them who their famous person is, nor give them any extra clues. Simply answer their "yes or no" questions and allow them to put their deductive reasoning skills to work.

Some sample questions might include: (a) Am I still alive?, (b) Am I female?, (c) Am I an actor?, (d) Am I Hispanic?, (e) Did I ever invent anything?, (f) Do I have blonde hair?

Some sample famous people might include: (a) Barbara Walters, (b) Johnny Cash, (c) Martha Stewart, (d) Dr. Suez, (e) Santa Claus, (f) George Washington.

What you will need to play:

Our friend went above and beyond this year and printed off famous people's names on Avery labels. It was quick, easy and self-sticking. Peel off a name, slap it on someone's back and repeat until everyone has a famous name on their back.

No time to plan? Don't want to spend the money on printed labels? No problem. Just write out famous people's names on regular scrap paper and tape them to your guests' backs.

The most important "needed item" of the game is a group of friends and family to play with. This game is quick, easy, fun and a great icebreaker at medium to large gatherings.

Our friend even brought scratch-off lottery tickets to give away as prizes when the guests guessed who their famous person was. Prizes are fun but completely optional.
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Saturday, November 26, 2005

"The Atomic Situp"

Ultimate Revenge on that Guy Always Bragging about His Fabulous Abs.

Here's a link to a short but hilarious prank video hosted on eBaum's World. Got some tough guy you want to prank? Get them to brag about how strong their abs are and you've got a perfect set up for this one. The bet is simple ... you will bet your six packed ab'ed friend that they can't do one sit up with you holding back their head with a towel. If they take the bet, get them down into situp position, then place the towel over their head (covering their eyes), say something like "ready-set-go" and you have your prank in motion. We won't give it away here ... you'll have to watch it to find out ...

Watch -----> Atomic Situp Video
Warning: Does contain partial nudity and may not be suitable for all viewers.
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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Message Board Pictures

A Picture is Said to Say a Thousand Words.

In this article we are going to publish funny pictures which can be used to express your most emotional responses. Pictures will be added periodically, so bookmark this article and check back on occassion.

To save the picture on your hard drive: right click on the picture, select "Save Picture As ...", select the folder in which you wish to save the picture, and click the Save button.

Cry Baby
Back Off

You are cool Jesus loves you: But I still think you are a psycho Quit being such a Snot Head STFU

Stay tuned ... more to come.


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Fun with Snot

Cold and Flu Season is upon us: With this season, so too comes the snot.
Mucus, aka snot, is our messy friend. It is a natural bodily excretion whose primary purpose is to keep us healthy. It lines our nasal passages to catch germs, dust and other tiny debris. But if you catch a cold, your body kicks into high gear and we are faced with high levels of mucus production. Here's a nice article we ran across on the Internet that addresses the question of "How does my nose produce so much snot so fast when I have a cold?"

Having sinuses filled with snot can be quite annoying. But one man's misery is another man's humor source. A well shot snot rocket, while a little gross, can be secretly impressive if executed properly in front of the appropriate audience. It can also be a source of embarrassment if the snot rocket was accidentally fired ... as we see here from a video clip from eBaum's World ... Newscaster's Accidental Snot Rocket.

Here's a little longer video clip of a "talented" boy with a nose full of snot, a video camera, and a warped sense of humor ... enjoy (don't view during a meal) ... this is a piece we like to call Snot Boy's Yo-Yo.

Getting Your Own Fake Snot:

This time of year, when temperatures are dropping and sinuses are filling with mucus, is the perfect time to play booger jokes on your friends and family. Here are three ways you can stage a fake snot rocket attack:

1. Take a jar of rubber cement. Apply some to surface and allow to dry. Once dry, roll it lengthwise to create your own, homemade snot string. Insert one end into your nostril and press it to the inside of the nostril. Allow the length of homemade snot string to dangle below your nose.

2. We've been getting a lot of pre-approved credit cards in the mail. You most likely are as well. Many of these unsolicited credit card mailings come with a cheap, fake plastic credit card attached to the cover letter (we suppose they want you to visualize owning and using their credit card). These pieces are usually affixed with an adhesive strip similar to the rubber cement rolls mentioned above. We've found this material to be quite good in creating a fake snot string. Simply remove the material from the paper and plastic card. Position the snot string in your nostril as indicated above.

3. For those of you who are less crafty, or who want a little more professional appearance to your snot pranks, here is a commercial product you can use to create your desired effect. Fake Snot has another nice feature in that on the nostril end there are little wings that hold the snot string into place. Just pinch the wings together and release inside your nostril. The expanded wings will hold the snot string into place. Wonderful for any wild gyrations you may want to make while pretending to have an accidental snot rocket situation.

Well, there you have it folks ... and that concludes our Sunday morning feature presentation, "Fun with Snot." Enjoy!
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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Farting Preacher

Something is Rising Up to Meet the Angels in Heaven - But This Time It May Not Be Prayers.

If you like potty-humor, and we all know that you do, you are absolutely going to love this clip found at eBaum's World. This preacher's delivery is truly moving. You can almost feel his passion. And it is so real that you can almost reach out and smell it. Can I get a Hallelujah?

Did you know that he who farts in church must sit in his own pew? It's an ancient Chinese secret, but I discovered this wisdom in a fortune cookie one day.

This particular preacher is far from silent and far from SBD (silent but deadly). Come see his own personal choir. I can name that tune in six notes ... can you?

-----> The Farting Preacher

Those who enjoy this video might also like this selection of fake doodie.

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Fun with Fast Food Franchises

Minimum wage workers take brunt of pranks. But they're lovin' it!

Yes, there are some simple but effective pranks to be pulled on the fast food industry. And we're here to spread the smiles and share the stories. These prank ideas are being presented for entertainment purposes only. We do not accept any responsibility for the actual use of these pranks. QualityBargainz supports fun, humor and laughter - not physical or mental abuse of any person or animal nor the destruction of personal property. Please act responsibly and use the ideas at your own risk, if at all.

"I Can't Hear You." Brought to us by someone claiming to be named "Ronald M."
A splendid prank that's pretty easy to do. I've got lots of friends who work at fast food joints. Print off signs that read: "Sorry, speaker system is broken. Please speak LOUDLY when placing your order." Then tape that sign in a highly visible place near the ordering speaker at the drive through of a fast food joint. I've taken it one step further and print it off on those half sheet sticky labels (they come two per 8.5" x 11" sheet). That way I can peel, stick and run. Then go inside so you can hear people placing their orders and see your friends looking at each other funny because now everyone is yelling their food orders to them!

"The Big Order." Brought to us by someone named W. Shelpie.
When you are in a line at the fast food drive-through and there are people behind you, you've got the perfect set up for this prank. Order a whole lot of food, enough for six or eight people. When they think you are about finished, ask them to wait just a minute so you can check to make sure you don't need to order anything more. Then drive quietly like you are going to the first window, but instead just drive off. When the person behind you goes to order their food, the food place will think they are continuing your order. Imagine their confusion when their happy meal comes to over $30.00!
"Menu Madness." Brought to us by someone named Kathy R.

Go to a diner that has take out menus and grab one. Then reproduce it in Word or even Powerpoint. Try to match up the font size and style and also scan in any graphics that they use on the menu. Then print off fake ones. Add specials like Roadkill Pizza, Intestine Stew or Fettucini with Brain Sauce. Make one of their items cost $199. One time I even put in a text box that said "Please do not tip! We pay our staff plenty of money to provide you quality service. Your tip is already built into the cost of our meals. If you have received poor service, please let management know and we'll take the appropriate action. Thank you for not tipping!" Be sure to use the same color paper as the diner. Take out menus are usually printed on cheap paper, so that hasn't been an issue. Then sneak in a stack and replace them with your fake menus.

And for the Grand Finale of the day ... drum roll please ... The McDonald's Sign Prank brought to you by This one is just too funny! Talk about dedication to pranking. The sound file with the phone conversation between the prankster and the McDonald's manager is priceless.

Get more FREE Prank Ideas from QualityBargainz, LLC. If you want to add to our list of prank ideas, feel free to submit them for publishing on our web site by emailing us, or even just leaving it as a comment here. All prank submissions become the property of QualityBargainz, LLC for the purpose of publishing it on the internet. We reserve the right to edit any submission prior to publishing at our sole discretion. Happy pranking!

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Making a Corpsed Skull

Face it, scaring and grossing out trick-or-treaters on Halloween is a lot of fun.

Here's one prop I made last year for my Halloween Cannibal BBQ (or is it BB-kill?). I put in blinking Christmas lights into my gas grill and cover that with red cellophane, topped with the grill and grill rocks. Rapid blinking underneath the red cellophane creates a fairly realistic fire glow. Then I topped it off with this maggot-infested skull, and a few severed hands. But for some reason, no one wants to "give me a hand" when it comes to cooking even though I'm "head of the class." Hahahahahaa. Happy haunting!

The Skull Base:

The skull base is just one of those blown plastic skulls. I "corpsed" the skull by dipping cotton into latex (I hear carpet glue works well, too, but have not tried it) and layered it upon the skull. Finish off with some glow-in-the-dark maggots and fake blood (both available for purchase at and Viola! This is what I used for the corpsed skull base ...

Take and shred a cotton ball. Dunk the cotton into liquid latex (be careful of any known or potential latex allergies). Work the liquid latex into the cotton fiber, this will create a pasty like texture. Apply to plastic skull base and allow to dry and cure overnight. Twist the drenched cotton into strings and apply to create veins and tendons. Be creative and have fun. Don't worry about making any mistakes, you are creating a corpsed skull.

The Cannibal Grill:

Here is a pretty good photo of the finished project. Notice how well the blinking Christmas lights under the red cellophane and grill rocks looks. If you could see it flickering, you'd get the full affect. In a future post (just might wait till next Halloween to share this one ... in the mean time you can check what we've posted at BikersBasement), I'll post some instructions on how to make the corpsed hands from scratch ... get it, corpsed hands from *scratch*?


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