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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Anti-Vegetarian Society of Meat Eaters

Burgers vs. Beans Battle Rages On

The battalion of burger boys have taken a beautiful shot at the bazillion bean bands with the biting humor of AVSME. Are those enough b's for you?

Witty and cutting, this collection of pro-carnivore attire is a mug full of laughter. Some of the meat eating friendly sayings are tried and true, but they also managed to slip in a quite a few original ones that surely should become classics on their own.

Is your shirt drawer full? No problem. Carnivores have humorous options for other items like tile coasters, clocks, stickers, buttons, magnets and other useful items. The novelty of pro-carnivore mottos is priceless.

Here's the link -----------> Anti-Vegetarian Society of Meat Eaters (AVSME)


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