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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Groucho Marx Glasses Fan Page

The Inspiration

Here comes the bride ... all dressed in ... Groucho Marx glasses? You bet. This wonderful couple decided to incorporate our Groucho Marx glasses into their special day. Not only that, but all the guests got in on the action, too. What fun!

We here at QualityBaragainz want to thank this couple for being the inspiration to our second Fan Page ... the QualityBargainz Groucho Marx Style Fuzzy Nose and Glasses Fan Page. It almost feels like we were there, sans having to bring a wedding present or enjoying the open bar.

Tell us they don't look like they are having an absolute blast. Wait a minute ... on the other hand we don't like to encourage lying, so don't tell us that. But you get our point. They had a marvelous time wearing our Groucho Glasses. Want to see more fun and funny photos of people wearing our Groucho Glasses?

Here is the link --------> Groucho Marx Style Fuzzy Nose and Glasses Fan Page

Do you have photos wearing our Groucho Marx glasses that you would like to have on display on our Fan Page? Feel free to e-mail them to us and join in the fun!

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