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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Product: Novelty Coins

Money, Money, Money!

QualityBargainz has one again expanded its product line. And we have a winner! Currently our line of novelty money items are being offered on eBay. But soon we will be adding these items to our beloved QualityBargainz web site.

Big or small, we have them all!

Jumbo coins: Quarter, dime, nickel, and penny. These are not the cheap plastic kind, they are made from a metal composite. Approximately 3 inches in diameter and weighs 2.5 ounces. Perfect for magic tricks, presentations on money, displays for bankers, accountants and other financial professionals, or just for fun. Your imagination is the only limit!

Mini coins: These are not the cheap plastic kind, they are made from a metal composite. Approximately 3/8 of an inch in diameter. The craftsmanship is tremendous! You will be amazed by the level of detail on this micro U.S. coins.

We once told a waitress we were going to leave her a small tip ... when she saw these tiny coins on the table, she about split her side laughing. She said it was the BEST tip she ever got.

Another time when we were talking about money, we pulled these out tiny coins and asked, "Can you see what inflation is doing to your money?" It really drove home the point and our guests got a huge kick out of novel presentation.

A friend of ours who does magic loves these as he turns a regular coin into a tiny coin, then into one of our jumbo coins and finally back into the orignal regular coin. His audiences love that trick!

How are YOU going to use your new set of Mini U.S. Coins? NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 5 as these may present a choking hazard.

Where can you get these awesome novelty coins?
Here they are ----------> Novelty U.S. Coins

Click on the above link and use the store search feature to locate your jumbo quarters, jumbo dimes, jumbo nickels, jumbo pennies or the mini U.S. coin set. Collect them all.

Soon they will also be available at

QualityBargainz, LLC


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