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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Online Game: Pop Bubble Wrap

Let's Get Popping!

You can do anything online, virtually. Take, for instance, popping virtual bubble wrap. No kidding. It is available and FREE online.

It doesn't protect anything during virtual shipping. But you can virtually have hours of fun popping this virtual bubble wrap. Pop designs into it. Random pops. Grab a fresh sheet of bubble wrap any time you want. Or time yourself to see how quickly you can pop every bubble on the sheet. Play "Name that Tune" with your friend by popping to the rhythm and see if they can guess.

When you go to this site to pop your bubble wrap, scroll down below the ads and click on the following:

I know this is the only reason you came :) Pop some virtual bubblewrap now!
Lots of bubble wrap history, tips and commentary. Ready to get popping?
Here's this game ----------------> Virtual Bubble Wrap


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