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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Online Game: Paintball

Lock and Load, It Will Only Sting for a Minute.

You know it is the thrill of the hunt, and not the kill, that gets your blood really pumping. Paintball offers all the excitement of hunting humans but without any of the murder convictions. QBlog in no way supports or condones the real hunting of humans. Paintball on the other hand .... lock and load.

This is a killer online paintball flash game that pits you against a number of opponents. Be ready for them when they peak out to shoot you, you only have so much health. Build up your strength by shooting armor and health packs. But don't take your eye off that empty window. You never know when someone is going to lean out and pop you.

Here's this game ----------> Paintball the game
QualityBargainz, LLC


  • At 3:25 PM, Blogger QualityBargainz, LLC said…

    112 enemy soldiers ... score 2475. Not a record score but going to start recording them as I go here. You can too!


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