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Friday, January 06, 2006

Start Your Own "Robot Fund"

You may one day be able to buy your own trained pet robot.

Imagine having your very own robot that you could train to run your errands and do your chores. Try it, you'll like it. Just kick back, close your eyes, and imagine a humanoid appliance at your beck and call.

Pet Robot
I have always wanted my very own pet robot to do my chores and take care of other unwelcome tasks. Back in college, the housemates set up "The Monkey Fund." Everyone had their chore schedule to keep. If you missed your chore deadline, you had to throw some money into "The Monkey Fund."

The idea back then was that with as few chores that actually got done around the house, the messiest of us should contribute the most toward the purchase of a trained monkey. This trained monkey would then be able to pick up the slack around the house and make sure all of our chores were done. It's all quite logical actually.

In reality, we used those funds to purchase the household cleaning products and other common items. You would have thought that with the few chores done there would be large amounts of fines and not much spent on cleaning products ... but if I recall correctly, we counted beer as a common household item making its funding eligible from "The Monkey Fund." Therefore "The Monkey Fund" never accumulated to such an amount as to make researching the cost and availability of this desired trained monkey worth the effort.

"Robot Fund"
With the technology changes in full swing and us masters of the microchip, owning your own trained robot may one day be a reality. Set up your own "Robot Fund" today if you haven't already, because the day where trained worker robots are as common in the home as the TV is now, well that day is just around the corner. Forget about the trained monkey ... that's old school. A trained robot is where it's at.

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