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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Online Games: Billiards

Rack 'em Up!

Itching to smack some balls around, but the local pool hall is closed or is five towns over? No problem! We've got a couple of online billiards games to share with you. These pool halls never close and a good game is only a click away.

Classic Eight Ball: Multiplayer

This is one of the best pool games we've seen. The graphics are realistic, the sounds are spot on, and the physics are so good you will almost feel like you are playing for real. Best of all, this is a FREE multiplayer game! IM your buddy and get ready to rack 'em up! Can't find your buddy but you're still itching to play? Come on in anyway, there's usually a number of others in the lobby looking to pick up a game.

Here's this game -----> Classic Eight Ball

This multiplayer game does require registration, but it is quick and simple and all the information they ask you to provide is simply a username and a password. The link provided will take you to the menu for all of their multiplayer games. Click on the pool game, enter/create your username and password, and you are ready to go!

The site will keep track of a ranking score for you based on the your win/loss history. A quick glance at your potential opponents' rank score will let you know who may have a comparable skill level. Experiment with speed, angle and spin to get those perfect shots and increase your rank score. Most of all ... have fun!

Blast Billiards: Single Player

Not the social type? Not to fear. Here's another great pool game for you to enjoy! Blast Billiards, created by Mousebreaker, is a new twist on a classic bar game. In this version of pool, the object is to sink all the balls on the table in the allotted time - only you aren't playing with traditional pool balls ... you are shooting at bombs! And if you are too slow, these bombs will blow up and your game will end. Don't worry too much about that, as this is another FREE online game ... simply start another and see if you can beat your own high score.

Here's this game -----> Blast Billiards 4

This is a fast paced game. Sink the bombs in the pockets before they explode. The physics in this version are certainly different than the Classic Eight Ball game above. The bomb balls are heavier than traditional pool balls and the game play reflects this.

Scratches will cost you 5 seconds on your time clock, so keep that cue ball on the table and out of the pockets. Not hitting a bomb with your cue ball is also a foul and will cost you 5 seconds on your time clock.

As the game progresses and you complete more of the 15 table challenges available, you will be given different bonus point options to help raise your score. Dropping the black bomb last will give you bonus points. Or you may be eligible for bonus points by dropping the bombs in a certain order or into certain pockets. These little twists keep the game challenging and fun. But don't get too distracted by the bonus point objectives or you may not sink all the bombs in time!



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