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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fun with Ketchup

Ketchup, the Breakfast of Champions!

Arguably ketchup is one of the most popular condiments in the United States. One can hardly go to a picnic, restaurant or open anyone's refrigerator and not find ketchup. And with the industry touting the health benefits of Lycopene found in tomatoes, this condiment continues to grow in popularity.

According to once source we found, Americans are not the leading consumers of this traditional condiment.

ยง Ketchup is a global phenomenon: According to AC Nielsen, the top consumers of ketchup are (litres/capita): Sweden (3.3); Canada and Venezuela (1.4); U.S. (1.1); Germany (1.0); United Kingdom (0.9).

We also found that much fun can be had with ketchup. Traditional pranks include loosening the cap on a ketchup bottle and leaving it on the table in a restaurant - the next patron presumably and naturally will shake the ketchup bottle, and the top will fly off along with the contents creating an unexpected red mess in the process.

The Dare:
"I dare you to pour out half a bottle of ketchup, put 2 tablespoons of baking soda in it, shake it up, and then open the cap in your face." The challenge was taken up by DrewRock on

Tomatoes do contain acids. And we also know that acids and bases, when combined, will create an explosive combination. This basic scientific fact prompted this web site to explore the humorous consequences of mixing ketchup (acid) with baking soda (base). We are lucky enough to be able to witness this through the power of video on the internet.

WARNING - Video does contain potentially objectionable language.

Here is this video ---------> The Ketchup Dare

Squirt Ketchup Prank:
The fake squirting ketchup bottle prank is one of our personal favorites. Last year we brought our squirt ketchup and squirt mustard pranks to our annual family reunion picnic. The set up is easy ... simply place the prank on the condiments table at your next cook-out, step back and let the fun begin. They look like ordinary ketchup or mustard dispensers, however, instead of it containing condiments, it contains a weighted colored string.

When squeezed, the string will shoot out at your mark who will naturally jump back in shock thinking you are spraying them with the staining sauce. The prank gets even better when you control the condiment dispenser, offer your mark some yummy ketchup or mustard and then accidentally squirt it on them. Unbelievably we were able to prank the same mark four times that day! You'd think she would have caught on after the first time, but she didn't. This prank can be used over and over again - unless your mark gets so upset that they keep or otherwise destroy it. If that happens, never fear, we have plenty more.

Ketchup Packets:
Found in abundance at almost any fast food restaurant, ketchup packets can be a good source of entertainment. As teens, we used to take these ketchup packets and place them half way under a person's tire. Place the ketchup pack on the ground in front of a front tire and slide it back tight into the spot where the rubber meets the road. When they go to drive their car, the weight of the tire will cause the ketchup packet to explode sending the red condiment flying. We've heard other reports of people placing these ketchup packets under toilet seats. Place the packet under the toilet seat lid between the porcelain and the spacer as you gently lower the seat back down to its normal position. The idea is when your mark goes to sit down, their weight will cause the packet to explode sending ketchup spraying out onto the back of their legs.

DISCLAIMER - These prank ideas are being presented for entertainment purposes only. QualityBargainz, LLC does not accept any responsibility for the actual use of these pranks. QualityBargainz supports fun, humor and laughter - not physical or mental abuse of any person or animal nor the destruction of personal property. Please act responsibly and use the ideas at your own risk, if at all.

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