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Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Special Christmas For A Child

Here is a fun thing you can do for your child this Christmas Season. Send them a letter from Santa Claus! Simply cut and plaste this letter into your word processor, enter in your child's name where indicated, play around with the font and colors if you care to, then print it out. For the cost of a postage stamp, your child can experience the magic of getting a letter with their own name on it from the big man of Christmas, Santa.

Dear ----child's name------:

It’s getting very near Christmas and my Elves are busy getting presents ready for the good boys and girls everywhere.

Soon we will be loading up the sleigh and making a special trip to visit you and your family.

Mrs. Clause and I wanted to let you know that we are very proud of you, -----child's name-----, that you have been on your best behavior all year.

I’ve got several more letters to write tonight and Rudolph still needs to be fed so I am going to wrap up this letter.

Keep up the good behavior and I will see you soon!

Santa Claus

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