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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pig Noses Good - Other Noses Unavailable

Strap on Pig Noses are all the rage! We have them by the thousands. Our customers select our quality pig noses individually for costumes or jokes, in batches of three for a Three Little Pigs performances, or by the thousands (like the, the National Geographic Society, 92.5 FM the Hog, and the Washington Redskins) as promotional items. We have a LOT of fun with our plastic pig noses.

That's the good news - we have plenty of pig noses in stock and ready to ship. Now here is the bad news ...

We no longer carry other animal noses. We hope this is temporary, however we do not know at this time when we can expect to carry other animal noses, like the shark nose, wolf nose, rabbit nose, elephant nose, donkey nose, cat nose, etc. We have been told that the company that makes these (a different company than makes our pig noses, thank goodness) has been sold and the new company has not resumed production of these fine items. We are eagerly searching for a new source for these other novelty animal noses.

In the meantime, if you are in the market for a good quality animal nose, jump on the band wagon and grab yourself some pig noses by the dozen! All the best!

QualityBargainz, LLC


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