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Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's Open Season on Cockroaches

Cockroaches. La Cucaracha. Blattella. A roach by any other name would still smell of feet. They are creepy when they crawly. People scream when they see them in the dark corners of the room. Big yucky bugs. The legend of the cockroach.

Imagine, if you will, groggily reaching for your morning's box of cereal. What to your wondering eyes should appear, but handful of dark roaches falling toward you. It's such a startling shock, your body won't need that hot, fresh cup of coffee.

Imagine, if you will, turning the corner in your hallway and being halted in your tracks by the site of fifty cockroaches sitting tight in a wiggly line as if they simultaneously rested during a cockroach Welcome Home parade. You might just run the other way.

Imagine, if you will, pulling open your desk drawer at work but your business cards aren't there. Or at least they don't look like they're there. Instead of business supplies, your eyes fixate upon a heap of 144 dark cockroaches (that's a gross, by the way).

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